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The Center for Global Health Policy’s director, Christine Lubinski, is quoted in this recent NPR story that examines the Obama Administration’s approach to combating global AIDS.

The piece, which also includes an interview with US Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goosby, delves into the Administration’s plans for building developing-country capacity (and responsibility) for AIDS programs and for integrating US global AIDS efforts with other global health programs. Some details of the Administration’s approach were released on World AIDS Day in these five-year strategy documents.

In the NPR story, Goosby says the current trajectory of US support for combating global AIDS is not sustainable in the long term.

“We are constantly increasing the number of individuals that are alive and continuing to use services,” Goosby tells NPR. “And it is a growing crescendo kind of economic burden that the United States and the countries are learning how to accommodate.”

An AIDS program that is “completely dependent on offshore resources and not embedded in the public system of the country runs the risk of being ephemeral and dependent on how steady and reliable those resources remain,” Goosby adds.

Lubinski, who is also vice president for global health at the Infectious Diseases Society of America, highlights the continuing need for treatment scale up and says that Goosby has been put in a very difficult position.

Goosby is “a man who’s been an amazing advocate and provider of HIV treatment, and now may be faced with telling all of these countries they need to do more with less,” she says. “At the same time, you know, tens of thousands of very sick people are knocking on the door asking for treatment.”

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Dr. Kenneth Mayer, co-chair of the Center’s Scientific Advisory Committee and a professor of medicine at Brown University, talked about the benefits of using PEPFAR as a platform on which to build broader health systems in this NPR story that aired this morning.

NPR’s Brenda Wilson takes a look at President Obama’s global health plan, with its new focus on maternal and child health. The hook for the story was a visit to the Capitol by some health officials from Afghanistan, but it pivots to a broader debate over the future of US global health spending and delves into the fear among HIV/AIDS experts that Obama’s new plan will short-change funding to combat the deadly AIDS epidemic at a critical moment.

Dr. Mayer makes the point that PEPFAR has created a strong foundation that the government can use to broaden its global health efforts; we should not walk away from that in favor of the latest new idea, he says.

“The scaling-up process of PPEFAR is something that can be built upon and certainly shouldn’t be seen as ‘that’s the old model, and now we’re going to start from scratch with a new model’,” Dr. Mayer tells Wilson. “I don’t think we have the time to do that. I don’t think we have the resources to do that.”

Click here to hear the full story.

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If you tuned in to NPR this morning, you probably heard Brenda Wilson’s story on the latest efforts to develop a pill or gel to protect women against HIV infection.

The piece highlights the frustration that more concrete progress has not been made. It has inspired a lively discussion from listeners posting comments on NPR’s website. Click here to listen and join the conversation. And post a comment here too!

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