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The Center for Global Health Policy’s director, Christine Lubinski, is quoted in this recent NPR story that examines the Obama Administration’s approach to combating global AIDS.

The piece, which also includes an interview with US Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goosby, delves into the Administration’s plans for building developing-country capacity (and responsibility) for AIDS programs and for integrating US global AIDS efforts with other global health programs. Some details of the Administration’s approach were released on World AIDS Day in these five-year strategy documents.

In the NPR story, Goosby says the current trajectory of US support for combating global AIDS is not sustainable in the long term.

“We are constantly increasing the number of individuals that are alive and continuing to use services,” Goosby tells NPR. “And it is a growing crescendo kind of economic burden that the United States and the countries are learning how to accommodate.”

An AIDS program that is “completely dependent on offshore resources and not embedded in the public system of the country runs the risk of being ephemeral and dependent on how steady and reliable those resources remain,” Goosby adds.

Lubinski, who is also vice president for global health at the Infectious Diseases Society of America, highlights the continuing need for treatment scale up and says that Goosby has been put in a very difficult position.

Goosby is “a man who’s been an amazing advocate and provider of HIV treatment, and now may be faced with telling all of these countries they need to do more with less,” she says. “At the same time, you know, tens of thousands of very sick people are knocking on the door asking for treatment.”

Click here to listen to the whole segment or read the transcript.


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The Stop TB Partnership has made the Infectious Diseases Society of America an organizational member of its TB/HIV working group, a reflection of IDSA’s increasingly visible work on these twin global health threats.

Housed within the World Health Organization, the Stop TB Partnership was formed more than a decade ago as a network of international organizations, donors, governmental and non-governmental groups—all committed to eliminating the deadly scourge of TB. The Partnership has seven working groups to focus energy and attention on specific challenges in fighting TB, including drug-resistant TB, new TB drugs, and DOTS expansion.

IDSA’s membership in the TB/HIV working group will provide a new mechanism to advocate for improvements in policies and programs designed to combat these two epidemics, which have formed a deadly synergy that threatens to unravel gains in treating HIV. Christine Lubinski, IDSA’s vice president for global health, will serve as IDSA’s representative on the TB/HIV working group.

In ratifying a proposal to accept IDSA, the Partnership took note of IDSA’s recent work on co-infection through its Center for Global Health Policy. In particular, the Partnership drew attention to the Global Center’s call for a Presidential Initiative on TB and for a comprehensive strategy to combat HIV/TB co-infection, as detailed in “Deadly Duo: The Synergy Between HIV/AIDS & Tuberculosis.”

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Update: Click play below to listen to the interview with Center for Global Health Policy head Christine Lubinski.

$63 billion sounds like a lot of money. That’s the price tag on President Barack Obama’s global health initiative, unveiled with some fanfare last month and the target of contentious debate ever since. But how far will that money actually go—and for what?

Those critical questions were taken up this week in a PBS NewsHour forum featuring Christine Lubinski, director of the Center for Global Health Policy, and Michele Moloney-Kitts, the assistant U.S. global AIDS coordinator.

Reporter Ray Suarez moderated the online audio session, which ranged from HIV prevention efforts to the threat of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, or XDR-TB. Click here to read the full transcript or listen to the audio file.

Moloney-Kitts said that under the Obama administration’s new global health plan, the focus of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) would be much broader than HIV/AIDS. (more…)

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